Accessories Matrix

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Detail Data on Available Capillaries & Thermowells

Capillaries — Optional Tube Lengths

Standard series temperature switches are furnished with a 5’ capillary. Optional 10’, 15’, and 25’ capillaries are available. Order as listed below:

  • 10’ capillary (3.05 meter): When ordering add –7001 to model number
  • 15’ capillary (4.57 meter): When ordering add –7002 to model number
  • 25’ capillary (7.62 meter): When ordering add –7003 to model number

How to order:

1. Specify standard model number of temperature switch desired.
2. Add the above number that specifies capillary length to end of standard number.
EXAMPLE: To order 646TUE1 with 15’ capillary, specify 646TUE1–7002

Readily available convenience items for use with temperature switch models.

How to order:

Specify thermowell part number as a separate line item.

4 ½” (114.3 mm), 7 ½” (190.5 mm), 10 ½” (266.7 mm), 13 ½” (342.9 mm)


Junction Boxes


Junction Box Options:

  • 141-18 (Outlet: 3/4”-14 NPT Aluminum)
  • 141-19 (M20 Aluminum)
    * For 6905 Series Use PN: 141-25
  • 141-20 (3/4” NPT Stainless Steel) - Model shown above
    * For 6905 Series Use PN: 141-26
  • 141-27 (M20 x 1.5P Electrical Conduit and M20 x 1.5P Outlet Stainless Steel) 

  • 141-28 (1/2"-14 NPT Electrical Conduit and M20 x 1.5P Outlet Stainless Steel)  

Junction Box Standard Features:
  • Explosion proof
  • Weatherproof
  • Suitable for hazardous areas
     –  Div 1, Div 2, Zone 1, Zone 2, IP 68
  • Certified to ATEX, CSA, FM, IECEx

Obsolete Models:

  • 141-21 (Use part number 141-18)
  • 141-22 (Use part number 141-19)

Standard Features:

  • Weatherproof
  • Suitable for non-hazardous areas


How to Order
CCS Junction Boxes can be purchased as a separate line item to be installed in the field or they can be purchased attached to a CCS switch.

  • To order the junction box as a separate line item (unattached), please place an order for one of the five models listed above.
  • To place an order for a switch attached to a junction box follow the example below:
    • Example:  6900GZE12 with 141-20 Junction Box installed/attached:
      Line 1: Switch part number (6900GZE12)
      Line 2: Junction box model (141-20) - Note: Attach to switch in line 1.

Mounting Kits/Manifolds


  • 89-130 (675 Series Mounting Bracket Kit)
  • 89-133 (1/4” 18 NPT 316 Stainless Steel)
  • 89-133-1 (1/2” 14 NPT 316 Stainless Steel)
  • 89-134-1H (Pipe Mount - Horizontal)
  • 89-134-1V (Pipe Mount - Vertical) 

Features and Benefits:

  • Facilitates dual set points.
  • Allows for
    • Pressure indication
    • Process monitoring
    • Functional testing
    • Switch calibration

DIN Connector Accessories

The new 675 non-hazardous series comes furnished with a four blade electrical connector which conforms to DIN-43650. To purchase a standard 611 and 6900 SPDT non-hazardous model including the same electrical connector, please add the -7075 or -7077 (DIN - gold contacts) modified standard suffix to the end of the part number. 

The following DIN accessories can also be ordered as separate convenience items.


  • 69-102: Mating Connector (18 AWG Wire)
  • 57-159: Sealing Gasket 

Miscellaneous Items and Services

Cable Glands, Pipe Mount, Oxygen Cleaning and Epoxy Paint offered.


Tagging requirement must be specified on the face of the purchase order. Indicate whether mylar or stainless steel tagging is required.

Factory Settings:

Factory setting of field adjustable models offered. Please specify required set point on the face of the purchase order.

Please contact CCS Sales Department for pricing.