High Over-Pressure Capability

  • Proof pressure is the maximum pressure that may be applied to the switch without causing permanent degradation
  • CCS switches will function to specification when proof pressure is applied
  • Competition definition states “switch may become inoperable” 

Repeatable and Stable Set Points — Set Point accuracy

  • Repeatability is the maximum set point deviation of a single pressure switch under one set of environmental and operating conditions
  • CCS switch repeatable: +- 1% set point
  • Constant rate competitive devices: +- 2% full scale

High Cycle Life

  • The CCS Belleville Spring reduces switch element mechanical wear which in turn prolongs contact life
  • CCS switches have no moving parts except during actuation and de-actuation 

Wide Range of Set Points

  • CCS offers products from vacuum to positive pressure including crossover vacuum to gage pressure switches
  • 28.5” Hg Vacuum to 16,000 PSIG
  • The CCS Belleville spring works at both the bottom and the top of adjustment range
  • With competitive constant rate devices, set points are only recommended at the upper  2/3 of the adjustment range 

Protection Against Environment

  • Hermetically sealed switching elements
  • Rated to NEMA 4, 4X, 7, 9, 13
  • Rated to IP 65, 66, 67, 68
  • Water-tight 
  • Oil-tight 
  • Dust-tight 
  • Welded Capsule (no o-ring)
  • 72 hour Salt Spray 

Vibration Resistant

  • CCS engineering is based on aerospace technology
  • Well suited for high-impulse hydraulic applications

Hazardous Area Certifications

  • Class 1, Div 1, Groups A, B, C & D
  • Class 2, Groups E, F & G
  • UL
  • ATEX 
  • GOST  
  • IECEx
  • CSA 
  • Dual Seal ANSI/ISA 12.27.01-2003
  • Canadian CRN 
  • CE Mark / Low Voltage Directive

Wetted Materials Comply to NACE Standard MR0175/ISO 15156

  • Various options for wetted materials and electrical ratings to meet a wide range of application requirements and media capability  

Time-Tested Solutions — Reduced Costs and Time

Customer Support: With over 50 years as the global leader in standard and custom designed pressure, temperature and liquid flow switches, CCS is the known choice for hazardous area applications.