Click here to download the O-Ring Matrix (pdf)

The following data is included to assist you in choosing the right O-Ring depending on your customer’s application: 

1. O-Ring Availability for hazardous and non-hazardous models – various O-Ring materials by model.
  a. Color Coded
                 i.     Green: Standard
                 ii.     Yellow: Available
                 iii.    Red: Special P/N
                 iv.    316 SS Welded Capsule Options
2. O-Ring Properties – compares the property strengths and weaknesses of the available O-Ring materials
3. O-Ring Compound Compatibility Rating
  a. 1-Satisfactory, 2-Fair, 3-Doubtful, 4-Unsatisfactory, X-Not tested


If you have any questions regarding the matrices, please contact our sales applications engineer, Ken O’Brien, 818-341-4610