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Reliable Pressure Switches: A Critical Component for Hazardous Areas

In no application is pressure switch reliability more critical than when dealing with explosive atmospheres, flammable material, or other hazardous locations. Because of our quality standards and wide range of hazardous certifications, Custom Control Sensors has prided itself as being the industry standard for Class I Div. 1, 2 safety monitoring and protection. Hazardous Applications [...]

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The Importance of Good Fuel and Oil Management on Aerospace Engines

Fuel and Oil Management Essential to Aviation Safety Aircraft safety issues arise from three fuel-related conditions: fuel starvation, which means the fuel fails to reach the engine, complete fuel exhaustion before landing, or contamination and dirty fuel and oil which clogs filters and leads to increased maintenance costs or worse engine shut down.  Therefore, fuel [...]

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The Importance of Switches and Sensors for Defense Applications

Reliability and Safety We understand the importance and need for reliability and safety in defense applications. Therefore, we design our products to meet and exceed the most stringent specifications and environments of the military. Switches and sensors have become integral to the performance needs of all military vehicles, equipment, and systems. Consider the systems on [...]

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O-Ring Matrices

CCS has created a few matrices that can be useful in determining the correct o-ring seal for a given pressure switch application.  The o-ring seal is important in that it seals the pressure port to the rest of the pressure switch and prevents any leakage of the medium being sensed. This picture shows a cutaway [...]

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Distributor Spotlight: Andrews Industrial Controls, Inc.

Andrews Industrial Controls, Inc. provides process control solutions to the industrial automation market for the oil and gas industry in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia and Kentucky. Stellar Customer Service and Quality Products Since opening in 1977,  Andrews' clients have come to expect stellar customer service and quality products. In addition, a primary company philosophy [...]

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How CCS Switches Are Used In Tire Manufacturing

The Tire Manufacturing Process This blog post will discuss how rubber tires are manufactured and how pressure switches are used to ensure safety during the manufacturing process. Tire manufacturers use large automated tire press machines to form individual tires in short time intervals by curing them. These are sophisticated and expensive pieces of capital equipment [...]

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Choosing The Correct CCS Pressure Switch

How to Choose the Correct CCS Pressure Switch In choosing the correct pressure switch, these are some common questions to ask to help you narrow down and choose the right CCS model: 1. Will the pressure switch be needed in a hazardous area? All CCS switches that are rated for hazardous areas are denoted by the [...]

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Pressure Switches in Combined Cycle Power Plant Switches

This blog post will discuss where pressure or temperature switches can be used in gas or steam turbines for combined cycle power plants. This system diagram shows a combined cycle power plant: The gas turbine (shown upper left) generates electricity using natural gas fuel.  The steam turbine (shown center-middle) generates electricity using waste heat from [...]

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