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CCS Acquires Aerospace MEMS Transducer Technology

As of May 1, 2019, Custom Control Sensors, LLC (CCS) acquired the aerospace MEMS (MicroElectroMechanical System) pressure sensor assets and technology from Pinnacle Sensors Inc. (PSI).

Founded in 2006, Pinnacle Sensors Inc. specializes in providing industry-standard, custom-designed, and interchangeable replacement load cells, torque sensors, and MEMS pressure sensors. With uncompromising quality control and proprietary engineering management system, PSI’s standards align perfectly with CCS’ mission and values. This acquisition will expand CCS’ capabilities to provide superior MEMS transducer products.

PSI has been a key MEMS sensor component supplier of CCS for the Hydraulic Filter Differential Pressure Transducers for the COMAC C919 Aircraft Program and the Power Drive Unit Absolute Pressure Transducers for the IRKUT MC-21 Program.

The acquisition allows CCS to produce and calibrate MEMS pressure sensor capsules internally. This strengthens CCS’ manufacturing capabilities and extends the technology platform from which CCS can work on new programs.

CCS’ vision going forward is to have a wide range of both MEMS and Thin Film sensor product offerings. With this newly acquired MEMS capability, CCS will be able to expand the MEMS product line into lower pressure applications for fuel, oil and pneumatic systems.

For over 60 years, CCS has been a leader in providing pressure, temperature and flow sensing products that include sensors and switches for the Aerospace, Defense, Industrial and Energy industries. Headquartered in Chatsworth, California, CCS is a full service company offering complete build to specification design, research and development, 3-D modeling, prototyping, manufacturing, testing, quality control and after-sales support capabilities.  An engineering and technology-driven company, CCS’ designs utilize proven, rugged “Dual-Snap®” disc spring and advanced sensing technologies to provide our customers superior solutions for their pressure, temperature and flow management requirements.

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