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CCS manufactures originally designed PMA parts for Boeing, Airbus and numerous general aviation aircraft. The unique application and industry leading negative rate disc spring principle, pioneered by CCS Engineers makes CCS Dual Snap switches exceptionally well-suited for the most difficult aerospace functions.

All Dual-Snap aerospace switches are designed or can be modified to meet various requirements of MIL-DTL-9395, MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-202 or RTCA/DO-160. These requirements, among others, include Environmental test requirements such as salt spray, temperature cycling, humidity, sand and dust, moisture resistance; physical characteristic tests such as vibration, shock, and acceleration; electrical characteristic tests such as dielectric, insulation resistance and contact resistance.

With over 50 years as the global leader in standard and custom designed pressure, temperature and liquid flow switches, CCS is the known choice for aerospace applications.

60 Years of Innovation

Custom Control Sensors, LLC (CCS) has been a global leader in the design, testing, manufacturing and supply of standard and custom pressure, temperature and flow switches and sensors for the Aerospace, Defense, Industrial and Energy markets since 1958. CCS switches are highly reliable devices that utilize a “DUAL-SNAP” action disc spring principle pioneered by Custom Control Sensors over 50 years ago.