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Applications for Our Commercial Aviation Switches & Sensors

Commercial aircraft are continually becoming smarter and more reliable to meet airline industry demands for safety, availability, and lowering operating costs. This continual advancement in technology demands compact, durable switches and sensors that are highly accurate, reliable, and repeatable with a dependable lifespan.

Switches and sensors are dedicated to monitoring aircraft operations, functions, and performance while detecting if a particular system or component on the aircraft has failed. Through this monitoring, switches and sensors inform the pilots and crew of vital aircraft information or automatically initiate a critical function. Everything from safety and alarm systems to fluid or air management, switches and sensors are crucial to every operation on complex, modern commercial aircraft.

Through our decades of experience working as a leader within the commercial aircraft industry, CCS has amassed vast industry knowledge allowing us to meet the growingly complex demands of our customers. We supply an exceptional range of switches and sensors used in aerospace applications providing accurate and reliable pressure and temperature measurement solutions. CCS meets specific customer application requirements through built-to-specification design that includes 3-D modeling, prototyping, manufacturing, testing, quality control, and after-sales support capabilities.

For more information, read our blog post on the importance of aircraft switches and sensors, take a look at our line of aerospace switches and sensors or contact us directly.

60 Years of Innovation

Custom Control Sensors, LLC (CCS) has been a global leader in the design, testing, manufacturing and supply of standard and custom pressure, temperature and flow switches and sensors for the Aerospace, Defense, Industrial and Energy markets since 1958. CCS switches are highly reliable devices that utilize a “DUAL-SNAP” action disc spring principle pioneered by Custom Control Sensors over 50 years ago.