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Modern rail engines require efficient systems with minimum operating cost. CCS pressure and temperature sensors and switches provide the lowest cost of ownership with their high quality and extended life which reduces the need for maintenance, replacement and redundancy costs.

Typical rail applications where CCS pressure and temperature sensors and switches are used include fluid monitor and control in lubrication and fuel systems for power generation and drive systems, temperature monitors for fan and air control systems, filter systems, braking systems, pneumatic systems, fluid and air management in on-board environment systems and emergency shutdown systems.

60 Years of Innovation

Custom Control Sensors, LLC (CCS) has been a global leader in the design, testing, manufacturing and supply of standard and custom pressure, temperature and flow switches and sensors for the Aerospace, Defense, Industrial and Energy markets since 1958. CCS switches are highly reliable devices that utilize a “DUAL-SNAP” action disc spring principle pioneered by Custom Control Sensors over 50 years ago.