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Pressure Control Applications in the Tire Manufacturing Process

The need for high-speed molding and curing in the tire manufacturing process presents unique challenges for the safe control of high-temperature and high-pressure steam presses and other hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Large, automated tire presses are sophisticated and expensive pieces of capital equipment that must work safely while handling high pressure and temperature cycles around the clock. However, the black rubber molding environment in steam media often contains many contaminants that can clog the ports of the pressure switch and prevent safe operation of the equipment.

This “dirty steam buildup” may not seem like the most pressing issue at hand, but clogged ports can lead to drift in pressure set point accuracy and total functional failure of the pressure switch. At this point, the press has to be shut down until the switch is replaced. To minimize this unnecessary downtime and added cost, CCS developed the exclusive, application-specific 6214 Series of switches specifically for the molding and curing of green tires.

The 6214 Series of switches are designed with a clean-out port to help flush the “dirty steam buildup” and minimize downtime. CCS tire manufacturing switches also do away with the use of constant rate device technology which utilizes an actuation mechanism such as the helical spring. Instead, CCS pioneered the DUAL-SNAP® action technology utilizing Belleville disc springs to lessen premature wear and tear. The 6214 Series also incorporates wetted parts specially designed to withstand high-pressure steam at temperatures up to 500ºF. 

Ultimately, CCS offers a more reliable, repeatable, and accurate pressure switch at a lower total cost of ownership than other switches on the market. For more information, take a look at our blog post on how switches are used in tire manufacturing, our 6214GBZM switch, or contact us directly.

60 Years of Innovation

Custom Control Sensors, LLC (CCS) has been a global leader in the design, testing, manufacturing and supply of standard and custom pressure, temperature and flow switches and sensors for the Aerospace, Defense, Industrial and Energy markets since 1958. CCS switches are highly reliable devices that utilize a “DUAL-SNAP” action disc spring principle pioneered by Custom Control Sensors over 50 years ago.