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News From the Energy Sector: GE and Statoil Develop Cleaner Methods for Oil and Gas Production

Oil and gas production is an increasingly controversial topic in the energy industry. Breaking news from the energy sector finds GE and Norway’s Statoil working together to advance technologies used in oil and gas production. They hope to create cleaner and cheaper solutions that will improve the environmental footprints of the entire industry.

Specific industry challenges being addressed by these new advancements are gas flaring, CO2 and methane emissions, truck traffic, and water usage.

Open Innovation Challenge

The Open Innovation Challenge is a portion of the program that invites the public to present their own solutions for reducing truck traffic caused by sand transport for fracking. Prizes are awarded from a $500,000 fund. The challenge is beneficial because it collects ideas from a diverse group of people, which can then be combined and refined to create unique solutions. Reducing the amount of sand needed for each well will reduce the number of loads being transported by truck, therefore cutting down truck traffic and improving life in local communities.

Experimental CO2 Fracking

An oil well in North Dakota will be experimenting with a combination of liquefied CO2 and water this year. This cutting-edge technique could result in more efficient hydrocarbon flow due to cleaner and more complex fractures than water can create alone. This technique is also better for the environment in that CO2 can be reused because it flows out of the well more efficiently than water. The main challenge in using CO2 is that it does not carry the sand required to hold fractures open, thus still requiring some water usage.

Gas Flaring

Rapid growth of oil production in North Dakota has led to excessive flaring, which is a significant problem in the industry. New technology allows for natural gas to be captured and cleaned, then loaded onto trailers as Compressed Natural Gas. CNG replaces diesel fuel used to for drilling, which is both economical and better for the environment. CNG can be used in many other areas including pressure pumps and generators.

Compressors and Turbines

Gas compressors are used to move hydrocarbons through pipelines, as well as a variety of other tasks. Advanced technology will lower NOX and CO2 emissions and improve operational efficiency. Gas turbines are seeing benefits from new technology that allows them to be cleaned while being online, which increases efficiency.

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