The Importance of Switches and Sensors for Defense Applications

The Importance of Switches and Sensors for Defense Applications

Reliability and Safety

We understand the importance and need for reliability and safety in defense applications. Therefore, we design our products to meet and exceed the most stringent specifications and environments of the military.

Switches and sensors have become integral to the performance needs of all military vehicles, equipment, and systems. Consider the systems on a military aircraft; there are controls for flight, propulsion, environmental needs, weaponry, and mechanical indicators, among many others.  These systems have to work in the harshest environments aircraft can be exposed to due to combat and theater of operations.

Every system works in harmony, orchestrated by a complex network of sensors and switches, reporting conditions and automatically reacting. The reliability and repeatable performance of these components play a big part in the success of a mission.

Characteristics of Switches and Sensors used in Defense Applications

We test and qualify our Dual Snap® switches and solid-state sensors to meet the military requirements of MIL-DTL-9395, MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-202, RTCA DO-160 and others. They undergo exhaustive qualification testing for design validation, including:

  • Environmental – salt spray, temperature extremes, humidity, sand and dust, moisture resistance
  • Physical – vibration, shock, and acceleration
  • Electrical – dielectric, insulation resistance and contact resistance
  • Electromagnetic – emission of radio frequency, voltage spikes, electrostatic discharge

CCS switches and sensors are routinely used in essential and mission-critical systems to manage fuel, oil, hydraulic, and pneumatic pressure. Military aircraft in particular require high performance under circumstances that tax the vehicle. For this reason, they use a range of switches and sensors.

From the 1G diaphragm model for low-pressure fuel and pneumatics, to the 90G piston-seal for high-pressure hydraulics.  Absolute, Gage, and Differential Pressure Transducers that operated from 0 to 6000+ psi and temperatures from -45°C to 200°C.  CCS switches and sensors are more than capable components.

You can learn more about products we provide for defense applications by visiting our website at, or contact us if you have any questions.

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